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With all the different lingo going on we thought we would break down our terminology for the different belt materials.


We broadly use this term for the uninitiated. It lets you know that the belt is made from one solid piece of leather.


This is 100% leather that has been buffed and sanded to remove any imperfections from the hide in which it was cut. These belts are generally more polished and even looking.


Most belts these days are chrome tanned. The process is much quicker and allows for higher volumes of turnover. Unfortunately this does come at a cost to the environment due to the metals used.


This is the old process for tanning leather. The process often takes months, is better for the environment and is a fine art. These are the kind of belts that last a lifetime and get better with age - given the right care.


This is 100% leather that has been cut from the top piece of hide and contains all the scaring and imperfections from the animal. This is the strongest part of the hide and ages beautifully.


Is a belt that is made with a softer cut of the hide and is often finished with a plastic coating to give it a specific finish and an improved scratch resistance.
Our genuine leather belts are made with strength and durability in mind. These are not the cheap discount store belts that split in half or mark easily. We pride ourselves on designing belts that ensure we have happy and loyal customers returning.

Belt Up is the online marketplace for Apple Jewel Belts. Apple Jewel Belts is Australian owned and started as a pop up shop offering cheap affordable belt options in Brisbane. The business has evolved in its short four year history and now offers permanent locations in multiple cities across Australia.

It is our mission to continue to listen to our customers needs and deliver everyday - affordable and reliable leather belts.